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November 11, 2011
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Beasts of Justice by RenePolumorfous Beasts of Justice by RenePolumorfous
Oh god!This took me 2 days to finish each char on A4 paper with mechanic pencil with better shading than first two.

Bestiary Entry:
Sacred Beast Brothers

The Beasts are one of two trio Captains of the Justice Kingdom, and have different roles for both Mortals and Immortals. Each of the three is a Captain and a protector of a gem, Electric, Fire, and Water respectively. All of them are both skilled and unique.

Captain Ceravnotius

Ceravnotius is a very strong and aggressive person, and his behavior will calm down only if Catharsis, his sister, orders him. Since he is so aggressive and might cause problems for the Kingdom otherwise, she's needed to keep him in line. With impressive speed, Ceravnotius always strikes first in battle, and his control of lightning and thunderstorm is legendary. The same goes for his sacred weapon, known as the 'Double Lightning Flail'. It is a weapon very hard to control; a single wrong move and it could be a danger to himself as well. If that wasn't enough, his armor is imbued with the ability to cause paralysis with a single touch, making it difficult for an enemy to gain advantage at close quarters.

Ceravnotius is a member and messenger of the Electro Temple, and the guardian of an Electric Gem. His race is known by the ancients as Raikou.

Captain Vesuvius

Vesuvius is one of the bravest and strongest of the three siblings, prone to showing off his powers. He speaks rarely to mortals, usually limiting his involvement only to Kings and Queens. Though he is not the fastest, he is still a skilled warrior, using both strength and fiery breath to subdue his enemies. The weapon he holds is a chained sphere, scalding to the touch, known as the 'Cycle of Life'. Like his brother's weapon, it is very difficult to control. Armor made from living lava completes Vesuvius' fiery visage, and may burn enemies on contact.

He is a messenger and member of the Sun Temple, and the guardian of a Fire Gem. His race is known to the ancients as Entei.

Captain Catharsis

Catharsis is not only the leader of the Beast Trio, but also its only female member. Her intelligence is tempered by wisdom to match, and Catharsis would much rather enjoy peace and quiet than a fight. But even so, she remains skilled in battle, able to summon rain to increase the power of her attacks. However, her speed is not as great as the other Beasts, so she often creates a mist to confuse her enemies and veil her actions. Her weapon is a chained urn known as the Aquarius Urn, and her armor, the Crystalia Armor, is made of crystals so cold it could possibly freeze a foe alive if touched. A member and messenger of the Sea Temple, she guards a Water Gem.

Her race if known by the Ancients as Suicune.


As a race, Raikou are known in mythology as legendary creatures that control thunderstorms and lightning. They run with great speed, and also hit their foes with dark biting attacks.

Entei, in mythology, were legendary creatures that could control fire. Their roar was known to cause volcanoes to erupt.

Suicune were legendaries that controlled water and the rains. They followed the North winds, and had the ability to purify water with a touch. It was also said they could summon an aurora in the night sky.

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All rights belongs to nintendo for the pokemon designs.this is a fun art piece from me *RenePolumorfous
Proofeading by *crystal-rex
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This is probably THE greatest sketch drawing of the legendary beast trio I've ever seen!

It's amazing to have a new philosophical take on them.
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I wonder how epic you made the pikachus and the zoroarks.
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Damn fine work.
Loving the back stories and your pencil work is amazing.
RenePolumorfous Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012  Professional General Artist
thank you^^
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